Toffi Furnishings is a unique and innovative family owned business that has been providing quality Australian made furniture for the south-eastern suburbs for over twenty years. Bruno and Antonette have been providing their clients with a personalised service ensuring creative sought after designs.

Bruno began his career in the eighties as a French polisher hand restoring antique furniture. In 1990 having completed his apprenticeship and working for a number of years. He started his own furniture business. Today that business has slowly grown to employ three highly competence furniture makers, a full time trade qualified furniture finisher  and two support staff. Antonette, remains as always the principle designer working with her assistants in providing tailor made design solutions.

Toffi Furnishings can make your thoughts reality. The team works together to provide and end solution from concept, design, manufacture and instillation. Been a small committed team it is often the furniture builder, who built your furniture, that will deliver and install that same furniture.

Our Store is located on the corner of Myrtle and White Streets Mordialloc. Come in and have a look around. Who knows you may be inspired!

Custom Made Furniture

Toffi Furnishings provides designs as individual as your home. Every piece is unique in style, shape and size customised for you. We have a large selection of furniture on our shop floor that will fit right into your home. For those wanting something custom made or “bespoke” we can design an individual piece especially for you, in any
style; including minimalist modern, Georgina, Victorian, French, Art Deco, Japanese/Eastern Contemporary or a fusion.

Bespoke or custom made does not mean way out radical. It is a piece of furniture made for you to meet your individual needs in consultation with you. Typically a customer will come into Toffi furnishings and meet with our friendly staff that can sit down with you and go through the design process. In store you can talk to our staff about the various styles, timber types, finishes and colours. We have an extensive materials library for you to view including fabrics, veneers, hardware and colours. From start
to finish you are in control we simply guide you and offer our expertise.

Often a single visit to our store is just not enough. A lot of thought goes into each piece and you may need to come in a few times to nut out the final design. For larger jobs or when your just not sure it is worth a visit to your home where a consultant can discuss the design requirements, colours or fabrics.

Once the design is completed we will provide a quote. As you can understand we cannot provide a set pricing for bespoke pieces as we would our standard furniture. Every aspect of the design is important from size, material selection, construction style, choice of finish and even colour all play a role in price. But then it would not be bespoke if it was the same as a standard piece and it would not be unique to you.


Australia has some of the finest timbers in the world from the pink red Jarrah’s of Western Australia, Tasmania’s Oaks to Victoria’s own Ash and Messmate all of which make beautiful furniture and which we love to promote. For that something more interesting we often get limited supplies of furniture grade exotic timbers such as Blackwood, Myrtle, Karri, Red gum, Spotted Gum, Silky Oak and Sassafras.

For those with global taste our boutique suppliers have access to American Walnut, American Red and White Oak, English Oak, American Cherry, American Maple, European Beech and Wenge.

Of course we are not limited to just timber, we work with steel, glass plastics and stone.

If you would like to read more about different types of Australian Timbers there is an excellent site which lists the timber properties.

Environment Statement

Our planet is the only one we have and everyone wants to look after it. The best way to do that is to get the best long term uses out of every resource. Timber is no
exception. Australia has some beautiful well managed sustainable forests. It is from these and recycled timbers that our furniture is made from. Have a look at a report
the CSIRO produced.